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Welcome to our blog, we take writing seriously as passion and we love five seconds of summer. We hope you enjoy all of our pieces because we work very hard on them. Our only goal is to make you happy. \\CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DREAM TONIGHT EVERYONE NEEDS A BIT OF READING RIGHT? //

Wow is it already the end of April? My absence? Concert depression, there ya go. Hey everyone it’s Olivia again- all my time has been with study notes, and alot of book writings. I really want my books to be completed so I can go ahead and order physical copies! How cool is that? To have an actual book in my hands that I wrote- with my name on the front?!

So I don’t really celebrate EASTER, oops but usually we go outside to the park or something and appreciate the pretty sun as we snack on chocolate eggs haha. So I’m going to just write 5 small imagines today…

Tomorrow through Wednesday I will probably be on and off again because I have two MAJOR IMPORTANT tests that i MUST pass, so yeah ugh. It’s stressing me out, but anyways I hope all of you beautiful souls are well. I care and love you all so much. Love - DI ♥

btw if you want a nice song to listen to, here’s one :) 

BTW BTW :) all day today until 6 I’ll be answering random questions…so like opinions, or stories, or concert depressions or anything! OR MUSIC RECS omg. pls. okay message me on my main blog pweez?  also if you want a rate//ship oh yeah message meh. - olivia

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IMAGINE going on vacation to Paris; one morning you decided to go to a cafe a few streets away from your hotel. The minute you walked inside, someone walked up to you. His brown eyes were humble, and his smile so sweet. ”Hi- I’m Calum….I know we’ve just met but would you mind if you sat with me? You’re awfully gorgeous.” And that was the beginning of it all.

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Say Something will be updated every MONDAY. The trailer will be posted soon. xx - Dreaming Imagines! {gifs are mine dont steal pls}

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By the way, thank you all so much for your lovely messages- it makes me very happy haha- i’ll answer them soon ♥ - Dreaming Imagines


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Special Death

GUYS IM OBSESSED WITH THE SHOW AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Especially the character couple Tate and Violet. Gosh I can’t even tell you. So here’s an imagine kind of based on them….I hope you enjoy this dark lovely imagine. - Dreaming Imagines

ALSO. IN THIS IMAGINE THERE IS cutting involved. In my previous imagines with this involved I have had a lot of hate. Please understand I know it’s not a joke but in this piece I wanted it to be in here. So I will give my mind what it wants. Plus in the show, the characters Tate and Violet cut aswell. Evan Peters is just…gosh a babe okay I’ll stop now.

Who is this guy plastered on every rusted brown locker? His black fringe covered his emerald eyes, and his smile wasn’t full. He looked like he had something hidden inside of his soul- a mysterious boy you’d want to find more about.

Keeping your eyes off of others, due to your hate of eye contact, you crossed to the other hallway to find students setting cherry candles, and white roses down infront of- what you were guessing, his locker. 

Slowly walking towards of it, you thought of this human walking everyday to his locker. Wondered how tall he looked, how it sounded whenever he spoke, if he ever spoke….

Being pushed by the school’s clique of plastic and glitter, they called you a freak before walking away. Of course moving to a new town- there isn’t always a sweet welcome. It all happened in a matter of seconds, before realizing you were on the floor. Opening your eyes you saw the ends of your hair being burned black above the candle lit fire. Feeling the bruise beginning to hurt on your side you blew the fire out, and got back on your feet to class; still thinking about the boy.

* School ended quickly with him on your mind; during lunch a few of your new friends revealed his name- Michael Clifford. ”He was insane Y/N; all he’d do in this building is stare- observe every little thing. Black shadowed around his eyes, and his lips were sealed…”, one girl said with a disgusting look on her face.

”They caught it on tape Y/N..his death- Michael seemed dead already as he slowly walked into the middle of the highway. He stood there with eyes closed, and all of a sudden CRASH. The car hit him! That’s not it though ha! He was torn into pieces! His bones were broken, skin ripped in every way- and heart found in half…”, the other boy said in big interest, especially with his stupid sound effects. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes with their judgement. Needing a break from the conversation, your eyes glanced around the room wanting to focus on something. 

It felt like a magnetic force- wanting you, but you tried your hardest of not letting go. Turning to the right, you saw him staring right at you. You gasped, wanting to shout and tell everyone but his real life existence disappeared.

Before leaving your lunch period you asked for his address; of course they informed you of it being wrapped in ‘DO NOT CROSS’ lines, but you could care less.

Inhaling the cool afternoon breeze, you crossed the street following your scrabbled down directions. Becoming closer and closer, you enjoyed the way the naked trees shivered in the cold against the grey background. It reminded you of death- Michael’s death….a cold lonely bitter one- but somehow beautiful.

219 Oakwood ave.

Looking at the house infront of you, you weren’t surprised with all of the police lines. Unzipping your backpack and taking your razor out you cut through the thin sheets, until reaching his front door. Glancing behind you to check if anybody saw, you almost had a heart attack when you realized the closed door was now open infront of you.

Slowly walking inside the cute Victorian home, the door slammed shut and you saw Michael again. This time his he held a haunting grin; his sharp white teeth showing.

”Is that fear I see? In those pretty little eyes of yours?”, he spoke while his fingers moved along his chin with question.

You could feel your bones tremble as you hesitated to shake your head. His voice was- ineffable and brought you goosebumps with every word.

”I thought you’re dead?”, you asked, hating how your voice shook in terror. Staring at him as he continued to smirk, you studied his pale skin, black sweater, dark jeans, and boots. His hair- messily dark covering some of his face- but in an attractive way.

”I’m not…It’s just a prank those assholes do everyday…I am the suicidal monster that the entire town knows about…Like a game Y/N- See teenagers-”, his fingers tightened into a fist- ”They’re so blind- with their hunger of nothing but attention. Their hearts pump liquor and crushed pills. How sad?”, he smiled once again- ”But nobody’s seen until they end up dead huh?”, taking a step closer to you, Michael leaned down to stare into your eyes- ”OH! I’ve just told you haven’t I? I’m dead?!”, his hand went over his mouth.

As you looked into his emerald eyes, you could see yourself at lunch gasping at the same time. Pushing Michael, you rolled your eyes- ”You wont scare me…I know you’re not dead….How else would you be here?”

Placing his hand on your back, his soft touch glided up your skin to rest on your jaw. His hands were cold, but you tried to stay calm again. ”Believe what you want Y/N, Dead or not I feel alive now- that everyone is drowning in their own oceans of regret and sorrow…The world’s a twisted nightmare darling.”, he whispered before placing his wet lips against your cheek.

Closing your eyes when your insides melted, you no longer felt him near you. The cold dead silence made your heart tremble, and with sight your eyes opened again. Walking slowly up the stairs; with every step you took a loud squeaky creak would make you cringe.

Sounds of the car accident ringed in your ear, and all of a sudden his bed room door opened. Slowly walking in you sighed putting your bag down on the duvets- ”I know you’re there…”, you lowly said without confidence.

Fading into your side, Michael lied down beside you and you chose to lie beside him to stare into his dead emerald eyes. ”You’re something…special you know?”, Michael whispered as his finger tucked some of your hair behind your ear.

”Well you’re a bit of a mystery yourself.”, you spoke to him smiling a little. The silence came back on and off, it was haunting but nice and all that you could do was know more about Michael as you stared into his eyes.

The sun was beginning to fall, and the skies were beginning to blend into a violet. All of a sudden Michael started to loose his breath, and he moved closer to you- ”I lacked the love I deserved.”, his lips then pressed against yours. His hands grasping onto the sides of your shirt tightly.

Letting in you felt something wet running down Michael’s lips. Opening your eyes you saw dark blood running down his face. Tears left Michael’s eyes, and when a few seconds settled in something clicked- ”No one loves me, no one cares!”, he screamed raising his arms in the air. His eyes started to darken, as he looked back down on you- ”How dare you? Make me relive the pain I once felt.”

As Michael started becoming a monster, you slowly left his room to run down stairs to the door in fear. ”No need to be scared Y/N, life is but a dream!”, he laughed as your shaking hands unlocked the door to open it to see police cars surrounding a beaten car with a torn body scattered along the road. Seeing Michael you screamed, falling down on the porch’s floor. Crying for what felt like for hours, you felt someone’s voice fading into what seemed like reality.

”I said what are you doing at this house! Miss you’re in a lot of trouble!”, a man told you when you opened your eyes. Looking around you realized it was still day time. Realizing that this man was a police officer, he forced you to go to the police station to notify your parents. 

You didn’t feel like rolling your eyes, or sighing, all that you could do was stare at the house infront of you with shock. 

Arriving at the police station, and sitting in the office, the police officer started beginning to dial their number. Studying the floor, you saw a shadow of a familiar person. 

Seeing Michael, you tightened suddenly crying; forgetting how to breathe. Laughing at you, Michael walked towards you, and licked his thumb. Gliding it along your lips, his eyes stared into yours once again- ”Life is but a dream.”

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Hey there lovelies :) Sorry for not posting last time I promised, I’ve been busy with school and working out and yeah…but I’m here now, and my creative juices are flowing haha! Here’s my main agenda for today! ALSO today I will be releasing my fanfics for this blog.

- If you want a ship, can you please inbox me a description (ex: I have brown hair, and blue eyes etc.) ALSO for fun PLEASE include a fun random question!


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At first i said kik instead of keek, gosh why me. imagines are back (gif not mine)

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Anonymous ask:
Is there a link to all your imagines ?:) would be great

yes there is I haven’t linked all of my imagines, but tagged them by band member if that’s okay. Thanks for asking, and I hope you enjoy every one. - Dreaming Imagines ♥


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More imagines and fanfics to come. A new shipping, and requests schedule is coming. Also over the weekend I celebrated my birthday…oh events. Also I will be looking for more DI WRITERS. More info about everything coming.

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i still love the high
funeral suits

I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been to find this song online, and upload this gif I made. This imagine is darkly beautiful, enjoy this read - DI ♥

Your eyes slowly opened to see a familiar ceiling. Wood paneled separate in division, and posters plastered onto the walls. Smiling a little you realized you were in Ashton’s bed room. 

Ashton was your boyfriend, still is kind of….He died in a car accident with some of his friends last May; the driver was crashed on drugs and alcohol. To this day you want to stomp on his grave for bringing the love of your life along with him.

With confusion, you sat up and saw that you were dressed only in your black lingerie. Wanting to see if anyone else was home- the second you moved another muscle the bathroom door swung open.

Your heart froze with fear when you saw nobody there- as if it were a ghost. ”Hey there beautiful- now where do you think you’re going?”, you felt his cold words hit against your skin beside you. 

Quickly turning to the voice, you met the beautiful hazel eyes you never thought you’d see again. ”Ashton.”, your voice breathless- this was unbelievable- ”You’re dead.”

Shaking his head, Ashton slowly hovered over your body and took your hand to place it on his chest. His heart was beating normally, like he was actually here in this moment.

”You’re joking right-”, your words got cut off when Ashton’s lips crashed into yours. Caught in surprise you melted and went along with the ride.

Skating his hands up and down your sides, Ashton’s soft skin would brush against yours. His passionate kisses would turn to his lips moving against your neck.

He was making you go crazy, and every time you tried to speak his lips would prevent it from happening. Bringing you more than satisfaction, and heavenly delight, Ashton crawled back beside you, where he admired your face-”I love you, remember that.”

Nodding you grinned, pecking his cheek- ”I’ll always love you Ashton.” Cuddling for a few minutes, Ashton’s alarm clock suddenly went off. Hitting it, you realized it was past two, and you had plans for the day.

Getting up and running down the stairs, Ashton became heartbroken-”Where are you GOING? STAY.”, he grabbed your wrist when your hand went on the door knob. ”I thought you loved me.”, his hazel eyes darkened as he stared at you.

You were confused with his harsh actions, it was like he was somebody else. ”You’ve dreamed about this Y/N, about you and I…together…finally like this. I gave you what you wanted so now you give me mine. Let’s be together forever…you can’t leave.”, he laughed a little as if it were a deal.

”Ashton…I-”, you hesitated as your fingers unlocked the door- ”I have to go.”, you opened the door. Ashton screamed no, but with a centimeter open, his existence faded away.

Shutting the door again, tears fell from your eyes instantly- ”Ashton! Ashton, baby where are you? I’m sorry.”, running up and down the stairs to the rooms you found that it was empty.

Falling to the floor you cried and cried, until the door opened again to a woman, and her son. Their eyes widened- ”WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!”

Your mind became lost, everything didn’t make sense- ”What do you mean, Irwins they live here.”

Dragging you out of their home, the woman shook her head- ”We moved in months ago lady. Now get off of our property.”, she then slammed the door.

Slowly walking to the sidewalk with tears, you became weak with regret and sadness. ”You should have listened darling.”, Ashton’s voice told you before your eyes widened when you saw two cars crash into another. 

Running in the middle of the street when you saw Ashton in the back of the car, the entire scene faded. And the last thing you saw were two headlights a foot away from your existence. To where the driver hit you into pieces, on the same rode where Ashton died. 

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This imagine is a little twisted but beautiful, I hope you all like it. - Dreaming Imagines

I remember your hand locked on my waist, and how your wet lips would press against my sensitive skin. Marks of red left on the surface as my heart pumped happiness and love. Your words whispered into my ear, and you smiled, admiring my own pure existence. But dear yours is worth so, so, so much more.

Reality settled back in, and your eyes opened to see nothing but an empty living room. Your nails dug into the sides of your thighs, while your chin rested on your knees- shivering in the cold room.

The glass-less windows opened, and white velvet curtains danced in the wild whistling wind.

You’d hear his beautiful voice circling around you. Warning you of something disastrous coming close. You stayed in place though, shaking your head from side to side denying the request of moving.

”let me see you, let me feel you.”, your eyes closed with a different memory hitting you again.

It was March, and the flowers were already blooming of oranges and pinks. Lying down on the field of the quiet creatures, you waited for Luke to join you. Sensing the scent off of his skin following the breeze, you reached for his hand to where he then lied beside you shirtless. His bare chest made you blush, falling even harder with his perfections. Studying his chest, you ran your fingertips against it, and cuddled closer into his side. Chuckling Luke then let his hand travel up your shirt- to where his gentle touches brought you goosebumps. ”You’re perfect.”, his blue eyes looked into yours before reality faded back.

Looking down at the wood floors, you realized even more tears left your eyes. ”Show yourself!”, your voice cracked, and throat burned when the words left your mouth.

”Leave! Now!”, his voice was closer to you this time. Your bones shivered with fear, but you weren’t giving up. As time went by, memories continued to stab you in your side, and the voice’s tone became harsher you stood and walked towards the windows..

”Why’d you leave me?”, you took a step with every word.

”I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE THIS IS THE LAST TIME Y/N.”, Luke’s voice yelled with anger. The sound of plates and glasses shattering onto the floor repeated, on the highest volume possible. 

The floor began to rumble, and the walls shook; you stood there though, eyes staring at the white scenery outside. Your teeth bit into your tongue, and your fists clinched onto your over-sized shirt.

The sound and movement stopped and you suddenly saw Luke’s existence fading together outside. Your mouth dropped and his did as well. He looked crushed, broken as he looked at you. Becoming confused, you placed your hand on his when he was infront of you.

”I died last summer Y/N.”, his voice croaked before sniffling with tears. Devastation hit you, but before you could say anything it happened. ”I warned you.”, he finished before the sound of him choking happened. Luke looked like he was in pain.

Reaching to grab him as the blood ran down his pants, you felt a sharp tip enter your back, and crack your spine in half. The knife entered your heart and you could feel your insides slowly stop- to break down forever. Gawking at Luke, your eyes slowly beginned to close.

You saw Luke in heaven, where you both never let go of embrace and lived in peaceful harmony.

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