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No, but I have my 2013 list, and TAGS. I’ll make one soon? Thanks for asking though! - Dreaming Imagines ♥


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FINALLY im off the wrong tracks, and I’ve woken up somewhat craving, badly WANTING to write. I feel no longer questionable about what I’m about to put out! GET READY FOR NEW PIECES/MUSIC RIGHT NOW.

Hi my name is Olivia

Hello everyone, my name is olivia and I created this blog three years ago, through those years I have changed as a person, and experienced many things. My writing has joined me along this journey, and its blossomed into something sometimes great and at times horrible. Writers are human, and see the world differently, as if it is not a world….we see every little detail in the smallest things.

I’m not sure of what to do or say anymore, I have so many ideas for imagines but my heart always seems to be an off and on switch without control. Flicker if i could compare it to that…Sometimes I feel lame for writing pieces about love, and band members that I love because theres so much more to life than that.

Life can be so dull at times that we miss the blue skies that have been staring at us be so dull because the truth is that it is actually extraordinary. Our hearts twisted ways of feelings, the people that will forever be captured inside of our minds, and the people we’ve perished within every breath we let go of. 

The cars still passing by, mistakes still being done, innocent people staring at white walls and bars because of a crime they never committed, kisses that will heal the world, kisses that no longer feel complete, hugs that arent as warm, stares that are so long that they make you feel empty inside, and your mind can’t do anything but wander in a matter of the color white.

I dont know what my life will lead up to…I have some talents I guess, but all I do is go to school, clean the kitchen, watch a movie from there to there, listen to music, and have conversations with the moon every night. I want to wander in matter of every galaxy, do something beyond living if thats possible…I want to live the adventure after death, and not be human.

As of 5 Seconds Of Summer imagines, I want to thank you all so much for your support, I’m going to try to keep on pushing and writing them. Later today or possibly tomorrow I’ll introduce myself- I dont freaking care about insecurities or any of my flaws anymore.

We all are pieces of art, flowers…we’ll always get ugly looks, or stepped on but guess what? Our colors will always shine on us, because they’re permanent- and after we get stepped on or pulled from the ground the sun will always be there to comfort and give us warm hugs.

I love every single one of you, I dont care how old you are or how you look. You are human and I think you and I should be pals. We both live on this world, and I hope we all die in the sweetest way possible. I hope you all fall and get back up, look into the eyes of the person youll love for the rest of your life, meet new people and laugh at their jokes, and help one another because we will all go nowhere but up if we spread love.

Thanks for reading my mind at 12:41, goodnight - Olivia

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I tried to sound BRITISH…in my voice over…gosh its horrible, im not offending anyone lol, im american sorry that some of us love your accents :) Here it is, I hope you like ittttt. MESSAGE ME FEEDBACK - ddiiiii

summer imagines coming, prooomise. FIRST. CHAPTER. TOMORROW.

Not About Angels

Michael and the boys had to leave abruptly for some rehearsing before they went on tour with One Direction. Of course you were happy for the boys but you hated when michael had to leave. You and him had become so close that you both hated being apart. You both promised to call eachother everyday while he was away.

Every night for 2 weeks you and him texted eachother or called whenever possible. You would stay up for hours just talking and laugh enjoying eachothers company even though you were miles apart. Then the calls started coming less and less. The boys became more and more busy when the tour started and you felt like michael was slipping away.

You would check your phone constanly to see if he had texted or called, even though you would have heard your phone go off. Your 1 year anniversary was coming up in a few days and you wished you could spend it with michael. You were sat at home on the couch watching your favorite tv show when your phone buzzed beside you. Quickly your picked it up and saw michael’s face appear.

Your heart skipped a beat when you answered and his raspy voice came from the other line. You wer smiling so big your cheeks started to hurt. “I missed you so much” michael said. “I missed you more. How’s the tour joining” you asked. “It’s amazing the boys and I are having an amazing time” he exclaimed.

“Good I’m happy”. “Our anniversary is coming up soon”michael said.”Don’t remind me” you said feeling sad. “I’m trying my best to get you out here so we can spend it together” miichael said. “Really babe that wonderful” you half shouted. “Yeah we shall see. I have to gobut I”ll call you when I can, I love you”. “I love you too” you said ending the call. All your wories seemed to fade after that call. You loved michael and you knew he loved you.

It was nearly 2 in the morning when your phone went off. At first you weren’t going to answer but you figured it could be michael you grabbed your phone and put it to your ear. “Hello” you said your voice low. ” (Y/N) you need to come to the hospital there’s been an accident” ashton said on the other end. Your body sat right up. “Ash what’s going on” you said climbing out of bed. “Just come to the hospital we’re back home” ashton said.

You were panicking as you quickly just put on shoes and rushed to your car driving like crazy to get to the hospital. You had no clue what was going on and you just wanted answers. As soon as you parked you went inside and saw the boys everyone but michael that is. Your heart was racing as you walked over to them.” What’s going on where’s michael” you asked. All the boys exchanged looks before ashton cleared his throat. “Michael managed to get us a few days off so we were coming home cuase he had a surprise for you. We made it here but at the airport somone had a got in with a gun and started shooting and michael got hit withone of the bullet’s” Ashton explained. “Is he okay” your voice high as tears started blurring my vison. “We don’t know the doctors are doing all they can” he said.

Your chest seemed to tightend as it became harder to breathe you weren’t ready to loose michael. Tears were pouring out of your eyes as the boys tryed to calm you down, but nothing they said mattered not until you knew michael was okay. Only then would you be okay. We waited hours until finally a doctor came over to us and explained what had happened. “Mr. Clifford recivied a shot the stomach, now although it wasn’t fatal it was serve. The bullet just missed his main artierie but he did loose a fair amount of blood” the doctor explained.”Is he gonna be okay” you asked.

“Yes, we were able to remove the bullet and give him a blood transfusion. He may still be asleep but you can see him now” the doctor spoke. That was all you needed to hear before you were rushing off to the room. Slowly you made your way over to the bed his body was still as his chest slowly rose and fell. The only sound was the gentle beep of his heart monitor.

Your hands trembled lightly as you placed your hand on Michael’s leaning in to kiss his cheek. His eyes slowly fluttered opened. His head slowly turned to face you and a slight smile appeared on his face. “Hi” he said his voice croaky. “Hi” you said in return holding back tears.” I have something for you” michael said pointing to his jacket. You reached over the bed and grabbed his jacket handing it to him.

He carefully reached inside.”Close your eyes” he said. You were about to protest but michael gave you a look so you closed them. Michael took your hand and slipped something on your finger. “Open them” he said. Opening your eyes you looked down at your finger and gasped. It was a beautiful ring. It wasn’t some fancy expensive ring. No it was simple but perfect definitely something michael would pick. “(Y/N) please be mines forever” he asked still holding my hand. “Yes” you said before leaning down and kissing michael. Smiling he pulled back some. “Happy anniversary love” he smiled.


I hear your voice, as if it’s a memory or a dream fading and fading away. I remember you’d walk by my side on the way home in the woods, between trees. You told me you liked the way the leaves circulated around the bright sun in the blue skies. How during autmn the leaves would crunch and fall upon the ground. How we’d awfully try to climb the heights of nature and admire the moutnains far east on stones.
I miss you, and our sessions of guitar by the river, and how we’d ‘study’ and more like cuddle in each other’s arms. We’d whislte with the birds, and laugh at stupid things Jeffory said in class.
Week by week I’d notice how your eyes would darken, and how your smile would become heavier and heavier. Your things were packed and ready to go; your darkest secrets never left my memory though.
I know you through thick and thin and I’d never thought this would happen. It’s been a year now and whenever I mention your name, everyone doesn’t ask about ‘us’, they say nothing at all…
I trip and I fall upon the hard earth, my vison’s blurry and as it slowly focuses I notice the trees. How everyone’s bent and twisted, with it’s branches that collide, and spilt into other ones.
Are you alright beauty? Did you loose yourself out there? I love you, just like the bark joins in with it’s leaves and air.

Whenever the skies are the perfect shade of violet and the clouds are slightly fading into thin gusts of matter, I stop and stare at it all in awe. It feels like the world has stopped, and all that I can hear is the wind blowing through the holes in my heart. How my uncontrollable tears freeze in the cold, and how you walk into my mind.
I think about how soft your hair was, lying on my shoulder…or how smooth your lips were against my cheek when things at home weren’t alright. Your pure scent of sweetness, and the sound of your voice like a calm night like this.
I wonder where you are, and if my name ever comes out of your mouth randomly. You say ”Luke…”, breathlessly and I’ll say yours the same but with a croak.
We’ve had cracks in between our rocky road, and I know you’ve wanted to give up, but I told you that you needed to keep on walking…even if my hand wasn’t holding yours…
Did you give up? Because I didn’t, I think I’ll stick around for a little while- Everyone says that it’s gotten a little quiter in this small town, how the pieces that once were complete never fit quite right anymore….Are you at home in the clouds; can you hear my shout, soul stuck in a misery drought.

-play with this for a better mood-

One two three four, one two three four. The words fall to the floor, and I can’t help but weep and cry at the mess I’ve made. In my heart, mind and soul; poison flows through my veins  and I can’t help but think of you. And those dark eyes of yours. I’ll never forget them like a bad memory from the past. Like when mother yelled at me when I tried to carry her to her room when she drunk too much. Or the fights and arguments everyone has every holiday, and when I study so much every night to get a darn C the next. Everyday in those hallways, the eyes pierced onto me, and heaven only knows what they’re thinking. When the sun is my only friend, during the days of loneliness and silence. It’s haunting but rather peaceful, and all that I can do is sit there as it burns against my skin…Or like whenever you walk away from me, your existence seems to flow slowly, dragged along the invisible matter around me. Your scent I keep forever on my skin, and your voice replayed over and over again in my brain. Talk to me, come here and tell me everything will be alright, take my hands before my lungs give up on me tonight. Flames surround me, for my thoughts have taken control of my actions and the match fell to the floor. The smoke unbearable  but as I sit in the middle of this room, you bring me some type of hope and awe. The night breeze brings my old diary sheets to my view, where the ink smears and drips with the blazing heat around. Two words catch my eyes though and I finally realize- just like the letters itself- I’m broken; ”I need help.”, i yell.

NEW THEME, and imagines coming today! I’m very hungry atm…someone share some food with me? Aha happy Saturday friends! Hope you’re enjoying your day! SCHOOL’S ALMOST OVER!!!!!!! - DI

Hi everyone, please listen to my cover of King Of Leon’s Use Somebody? I recorded it for fun, I hope you all enjoy it, I used the chords C, F, AM, G, AND D. - Olivia ♥

HERE’S LUKE, AND MICHAEL’S KISS ME PREF, if you missed CALUM AND ASHTONS, click this heart


Slamming your bedroom door, tears ran out of your irritated eyes within seconds. You fell to your knees, full of disbelief of your relative’s lost. You would’ve said something to her before she left, you would’ve told her that you loved her, but no she just left.

Full of emotions as you continued to tug onto your sheets, and stain your pillow you heard someone ring your door bell. Walking out to get it since everyone else was at the hospital, you were curious of who it could be. Looking through the peephole, all that you were able to see was blonde hair. Smiling, your heart seemed to beat again in that moment realizing Luke came to comfort you. He was your best friend, and you loved him so much.

”Are you okay?”, he asked placing his guitar against the wall, and putting yourself in his arms. His cool breath hit against the nook of your neck, giving you goosebumps. ”I’m much better now that you’re here Luke.”, you honestly told him, pecking his cheek.

Luke grinned, slowly wiping away every tear with his finger, before you lead him into your bedroom. Turning on the lamp, the room was lightly dimmed and your thick duvets covered you and Luke on your bed.

Luke brought up the death and asked if you wanted to talk more about it, but you said no; ”Are you going to play a song for me?”, you asked anxiously. His crystal blue eyes lightened up with the reminder, and grabbed his guitar. Playing you a few, you felt your heart burst a million times, and your smile becoming harder and harder that it hurt. When he finished the last, you and Luke decided to lie together at eleven. The room was full of random thoughts, and constant yawns.

Until now….It had gotten silent, and from the corner of your eyes you knew, you knew that Luke had been staring right at you. Slowly turning back at him to meet his eyes; you both fell onto another.

It was the way her hair was messily placed on the pillow, how her leg would occasionally move against mine. How her gorgeous eyes would fill with tears, but how she was too strong to let them out. Desire I was feeling, desperate want I felt towards Y/N, badly wanting to feel, taste her lips on mine….

”What are you doing?”, you were in the middle of a laughter, before Luke quickly moved closer to you. Luke hovered over your body, gliding his hands down your arms to meet your hands. His soft lips pressed against yours, and when you felt how heavy his heart was- you knew what the future held.


”And we should be done! Lock the door when you guys are finished okay Mike? Thanks dude.”, Christopher, one of your classmates on the prom committee said throwing the keys to Michael, before leaving.

Putting the keys in his pockets, the room was still silent, as you dashed glitter to the floor, and Michael hanged the last of the balloons up. You both would smile at one another from time to time, but one thing he didn’t know was that you had a huge crush on him.

One thing you learned was to not make it obvious though, but maybe this was making it take too long.

Realizing that you were finished and your bucket was empty, you placed it in the trash and watched Michael climb down the ladder. Slapping his hands on his sides, he blushed fixing his fringe with his fingers.

”So we’re finally done…”, Michael spoke looking around the room with you. The room was beautiful, ready for a magic night, romantic dances, and deeply sweet kisses.  ”It looks great.”, you commented turning back to him- ”Well I guess we go home now…”

Michael’s emerald eyes stared into yours for a minute, hesitating to take your hand as you were about to head for the door.

”Eh-m…Why not be the first ones to dance? While the stars are still shining and the floor hasn’t been ‘danced on’ yet?”, he took a step closer to you, and smirked when he saw you giggle shaking your head- ”Come on, no ones here, plus guess what! Your favorite song’s coming on-”

Michael’s hands intertwined with yours, and with small steps from side to side, back and forth he’d softly sing your song. Your heart fluttered, and you’d laugh at times when Michael awkwardly spinned you around. Tripping on air, your hands held onto his shoulders for support. This was the closest you had been to Michael, his forehead against yours, and his breath hitting your upper lip.

Becoming lost in his eyes again, you stopped yourself- ”How’d you know that was my favorite song?”

”I read your diary entries, everyone’s putting everything on the internet now-a-days…plus you bring me interest, you’re something different, someone special…”, Michael tucked some of your hair behind your ear, before meeting your eyes again.

The silence kept on coming, but this time you could hear your heart pounding as Michael leaned in closer to you. Wanting this, you moved towards him; your lips colliding deeply into his. Tangled in nothing but love, and harmony. Letting go, Michael opened his eyes, going on one knee- ”Y/N, can I have the honor to take you to prom?” Blushing you nodded, before kissing him- ”Absolutely.”


fav song atm? sorry i just like ur music taste. <3

hay anon haha! So happy you asked. It’s funny cause most of the music I post on this blog are alternative but one of my favorites is a METAL one :) It’s The Langdon House by Issues (the main vocalist is ugh♥) but then MOST OF MY FAVORITES come from this 8tracks mix! Enjoy and send me some of ur favorites?! - DI ♥ and OMG. I DONT LOVE YOU BY MCR

I played I dont love you at a restaurant the other night (jukebox), and omg just magical as I ate my food *chews while dancing* Just came back from home; posting new imagines now!image

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